Exclusive Author Interview! Meet Uwe Techt

Uwe Techt is a managing diUwe picrector, public speaker and author of several books and specialist articles, including Goldratt and the Theory of Constraints and Projects that Flow. I was lucky enough to catch up with Uwe over Skype and have a chat about his work and interests.

  •  Could you tell me a little about yourself?

I was born in 1964 and my first love was music. I played the flute and studied music, but I decided that it just wasn’t for me. When I was around 14/15 years old I composed some music of my own, and it was during my
search for a publisher that I made the decision to found my own publishing company. I sold the company when I was 22. There was no big money involved but it was a very interesting experience!

  •     What is your writing process like?

It depends on the book. Goldratt and the Theory of Constraints took me 6 weeks to write, but Projects that Flow took 6 years! I usually write every now and again rather than in big, marathon sessions.

As far as research goes, the general ideas presented in the two books come from Goldratt and other such genius thinkers. In the case of Goldratt and the Theory of Constraints, I used several sources from Goldratt as well as others, so as to present the Theory of Constraints in a compressed, but nevertheless detailed, way. When I was writing Projects that Flow, I drew on Goldratt again but I also put this knowledge into practice. I wrote the book based on my own personal experience as well as the experiences of my colleagues, which we had gained over a number of years working with and exploring these concepts.

  • Could you tell us about your publishing experiences?

I self-published my first book, Goldratt and the Theory of Constraints, which was an interesting experience to say the least. It worked though, it definitely worked. If I had to give some advice to anyone looking to self-publish, I would say focus on the content. You can do all the marketing you want for a book, but it’s not going to matter unless the content is good. I didn’t do any marketing for Goldratt and the Theory of Constraints, but now I’m starting to do a little more, such as get more reviews. My books don’t tend to need much marketing because of their target audience. Every manager at my company receives a copy of Projects that Flow to help them get all their projects organised.

I didn’t self-publish Projects that Flow because of the way the books are gaining momentum. I write in German, and as the books have been translated into three languages, I like having someone to edit, translate and format.

  • Are you working on anything right now?

As always, I’m working on several projects! The main one is Success in Project Business, a follow on from Projects that Flow. If Projects that Flow is about how to manage the business, Success in Project Business adds that competitive edge and presents ways of making money.

Right now I’m also collaborating with a ghost-writer, but we’ll see how it turns out. I’m not sure at the moment if I prefer to work with another person or not, but I like the new experience!

  • Do you prefer public speaking or writing?

 I think I prefer public speaking, but the writing is fun too! Right now my favourite part of my job is when I work with the customer service teams. I love having discussions and exploring the more interactive side of my work.

  • Do you have a favourite motivational phrase?

Yes, “the sky is not the limit.” I think one day I might use it as the title of a new book.

  • Finally, does music still feature in your life?

Yes. I picked the flute up again 5 years ago and have been having lessons every few weeks since.

Thank you so much for you time, and good luck with your various projects!

 You can find out more about Uwe at www.uwetecht.de 



Exclusive Author Interview! Meet James Stoddah

Ring of Conscience is a mystery/thriller by James Stoddah which I reviewed last week.

I found myself caught up in the mystery, almost as a side-line character. One of the book’s clever attributes is that it stands alone as an exciting and enthralling mystery, but can also be interactive. You can follow the clues online – or even attempt to beat the characters to it – as I attempted!

I caught up with James on Skype and we had a chat about the book and his ideas. Here’s an exclusive interview with the master himself:

So, briefly, what is Ring of Conscience about?

It’s about an eccentric professor who leaves a multi-million pound legacy in an online treasure hunt. Detectives discover it while trying to track down a missing woman then there’s a race to uncover the clues to save the woman and stop the bad guys. It’s set in both England and America

What inspired the book?

I’ve always liked the idea of treasure hunts. I used to set up hunts for the kids when they were young, not just in the house, but sometimes all over the county.
For my Son, Harley’s 9th birthday I went out the previous day leaving clues in shops and coffee houses in towns over fifty miles apart. It was so much fun, his friends enjoyed it. Of course the treasure was in the boot of the car all along but it took about ten clues before they worked that out!

The locations in the book were based on places I had been and other experiences I’ve had. I didn’t like the idea of all the action being in a room following the thoughts of the characters so it was important that there was plenty of action outside. It was fun to write.

You say the ring of conscience exists?

Yes, Jason Chadwick’s story in the book is my own. Only my sister made the ring up for me. I wrote a song about stealing the Crown Jewels and being traced, having dropped the ring. It was based on a very strange dream I had when I was seventeen.

Were you into treasure hunting yourself?

Not directly but I enjoyed the Indiana Jones type of treasure hunting films and read books that were based on treasure hunts, such as Wilbur Smith’s “Seventh Scroll”. I was also fascinated by reading about the tomb discoveries and read Howard Carter’s book about the discovery of Tutankhamun.

Many of the clues are inspired by Roman, Greek and English mythology. Is this a passion of yours?

Only recently. It was only as I was researching for Ring of Conscience that I started becoming fascinated. One of my favourite things about writing is the research. When I was at school, I struggled to find the enthusiasm to learn and I don’t think I was naturally curious. This is something that has awakened in me throughout adulthood – I am passionate about learning now – especially when I am motivated.

The website in the book exists but you have you have a parallel website where people can actually win prizes?

Yes. Melodema.net works in the same way as melodem.com (the website in the book) but with a different set of clues. I have made up a gold replica of the ring which has the Melodema symbol engraved on it. There are also other prizes and I’ve agreed a percentage of revenue from the book to be given as a cash prize. So basically the more books we sell the bigger the stash of treasure will be!

Thanks James for the chat. I loved your book and I wish you all the best with it. I hope you all enjoyed this interview as much as I did!

Ring of Conscience is out now via Outlet Publishing Group.
More information: http://www.jamesstoddah.com and the treasure hunt website, if you fancy a go, is http://www.melodema.net GOOD LUCK!