Exclusive Author Interview! Meet Alan Roger Currie



I have listened to and reviewed two audiobooks that were written and narrated by Book Author and Professional Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie from the United States (Oooooh … Say it Again and The Beta Male Revolution).

Both of Currie’s audiobooks are blunt, provocative and will capture your attention for sure!  For my blog followers who want to know more about Mr. Currie, I caught up with him to find out more about why he does what he does and why he enjoys it!

What motivated you to write your first book, ‘Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking’?

I wrote my first book to discourage single heterosexual men from feeling as though they have to lie to women or blatantly mislead and manipulate women in order to motivate women to agree to have sex with them.  I am not a fan of cheating, adultery, or engaging in what I refer to as ‘manipulative head games.’  If I am interested in sharing a woman’s company in a romantic or sexual manner, I simply let those women know that in a very highly self-assured, upfront, specific, and straight-to-the-point manner.

I read that your nickname among your male and female fans is ‘The KING of Verbal Seduction’. Do you always meet women and immediately talk to them using “porn movie language?”  Wouldn’t some women be offended by you using X-rated language with them in your very first conversation with them?

The vast majority of women in today’s society are nowhere near as prudish and/or as strictly monogamy-oriented as they present themselves to be in public.  I can count many instances where I have met a woman, began talking to her about her sexual preferences and even her sexual fantasies – and for the first five, ten, or fifteen minutes, many of these women pretended to be ‘offended’ – but then minutes later, hours later, days later, or weeks later, I ended up engaging in sexual activities with many of those same women.  I refer to these sexually duplicitous women as ‘Wholesome Pretenders.’

Are you a dating coach for both men and women, or just single men?

 Most of my clients are single men, but I also work with women and even married and unmarried couples.  When I work with women and couples, I operate as more of a BDSM lifestyle and Polyamory lifestyle advisor.  When I work with single men, my primary emphasis is on helping them improve their verbal communication skills and overall interpersonal communication skills with women of interest.

Based on what I have listened to you say in two of your audiobooks, you seem to be against the idea of men and women being ‘just friends.’ Why is that?

That is actually not altogether true.  I have no problem with men and women maintaining a purely platonic friendship as long as that friendship is genuine.  The reality is, most so-called ‘friendships’ between men and women are disingenuous.  Women, generally speaking, are far more interested in the non-physical, non-sexual companionship of men than vice versa.  If a man finds a woman physically attractive and sexually appealing, then 99% chance, we want to be involved in a romantic relationship with that woman or at minimum, we want to engage in one or more episodes of short-term, non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex with that woman.

From listening to your two audiobooks, you seem to have an obsession with dividing men into ‘Alpha males’ and ‘Beta males.’  Why can’t men just be men?  What is with these specific categories?

Well Georgia, if you listened carefully to the last audiobook of mine that you reviewed – The Beta Male Revolution – I mention that there actually was a time in history when ‘men were just men.’  Then, once women decided that they wanted to engage in sex with men before marriage and outside the context of marriage, then that is when things drastically changed.  Beginning with no later than the 1970s, women began to compartmentalize men.  An ‘Alpha male’ is a man who generally behaves any way he feels like.  His behavior is not guided by a desire to please, accommodate, and/or impress women.  This is a man who has a very dominant nature about him and a very uncompromising nature about him. A ‘Beta male’ on the other hand is a man who is usually very polite toward women, more accommodating and financially generous toward women, and always seeks to please, impress, and play up to women.

Why would any man really need to hire a dating coach? What is the difference between a dating coach and a pickup artist? Or are those two essentially the same?

I would say that a dating coach provides as much value to a man’s love life, sex life, and overall social life as a personal trainer would provide for a man’s exercise habits or a nutritionist or personal chef would provide to a man’s eating habits.  It would be like asking, “Why do basketball players need a coach on the sidelines?”  A coach can pick up on the flaws and weaknesses in an athlete’s behavior and decision-making that most athletes cannot easily or objectively identify themselves.  Same principle works with professional dating coaches.

I never categorize myself as a ‘pickup artist’ (PUA).  PUAs are men who usually employ psychological gimmicks or misleading and manipulative behavior techniques in order to score a one-night stand or a weekend fling with a woman.  I do not promote any behavior that is blatantly dishonest and/or misleading and manipulative toward women.

You have a very nice speaking voice Mr. Currie.  At times, it is almost hypnotic to listen to.  You even mention in one of your verbal seduction stories in ‘Oooooh … Say it Again’ that some of your friends even assumed you studied conversational hypnosis.  Do you teach your male clients how to make their voice more hypnotic and seductive?

Thank you for the compliment Georgia.  Much appreciated.  And yes … I have had many women ask me if I was some sort of ‘verbal hypnotist.’  My older brother actually witnessed me put a woman in somewhat of a ‘hypnotic trance’ once, and even he thought I had read a book on how to ‘verbally hypnotize’ women.  In my opinion, a man’s voice is his most underrated ‘secret weapon’ for attracting and seducing women.  When I work with male clients in my one-on-one dating coaching sessions, I spend a lot of time helping them improve the overall quality and tone of their voice as well as their degree of direct eye contact with women while in conversation with them.

I read that you spoke in London in November 2010. How did you enjoy your visit and have you been back since then? Did you notice anything different about how men and women socialise in London versus most cities in The States?

 I had a great time in London, England.  My first night in London, I actually threw a party in Notting Hill at the loft where I was staying.  I rarely host house parties here in the States.  Everyone I met was super cool.  I love the way most of the men greet other men with the very cordial, “Hello mate.”  London is very similar to New York City here in the States.  A lot of racial diversity and very cosmopolitan.  I still remain in contact with many of the men and women I met while in London.  I have not been back since that initial visit, but I cannot wait to return to my favorite city ‘Across the Pond.’

What do you most enjoy about being a professional dating coach and public speaker?

There are a lot of men and women in today’s society who are very romantically and/or sexually frustrated, and I want to do everything within my power to help these men and women improve some aspect of their love life, sex life, and overall social life.

Finally, if you had to narrow all of your advice that you offer to both men and women down to no more than three sentences, what would it be?

Always be 100% real and authentic with members of the opposite sex.  If you want a man or woman to fall in love with who you REALLY ARE … and not who you may be PRETENDING TO BE at the moment … then it is imperative that you always exhibit behavior that is honest, genuine, and totally authentic.

 Thank you so much for your responses Mr. Currie, and good luck with your career as a dating coach!

You can find out more about Alan Roger Currie on his Wikipedia page.  Mr. Currie offers dating coaching for men at Direct Approach Dating for Men, and he offers BDSM and Polyamory advice for women and couples at Erotic Training.