Sin-Seer Leadership by Raj D. Mohan


‘Sin-Seer Leadership’ is an inspirational book that returns the human element to the world of business. I think it is best described as a helpful guide through the complexities of modern life, helping readers to develop the skills that make them not only good entrepreneurs, but good people too.

Mohan takes complex issues, such as the role of the soul and conscience, and explains them with the light-hearted writing style readers adore. The book is filled with figurative language, creative imagery and intricate metaphors that make it not only a pleasure to read, but an enlightening experience also.

The best part for me was the chapter about the author’s background. Raj Mohan has led an incredible life and this autobiographical section really struck a chord with me, explaining how Mohan got to where he is today and exploring the influences that shaped his world and business outlook. I loved the interesting titbits that surfaced throughout the novel, such as the section about REM sleep, when dreams are made, or the inspirational true stories that added a little colour to Mohan’s message and teachings.

Aimed at leaders and CEOs, the book recognises the power that people in high-up business positions wield. This is why a book such as this is so important – the decisions of our industrial leaders can affect whole populations. A moral guide such as ‘Sin-Seer Leadership’ can benefit all aspects of a leader’s working life, from boardroom decisions to interactions with colleagues. Although the book is aimed at leaders, anyone in the world of business can benefit from its vast spiritual knowledge.

The book is also peppered with quotes and ever enjoyable “gems from the ocean of wisdom.” This book is so passionate, so alive, that one doesn’t even notice the brilliant ethical advice the author subtly imparts. This is a must read for any entrepreneur negotiating the moral minefield of industry, as it provides tips about how to stay true to yourself and your virtues in challenging business environments.

‘Sin-Seer Leadership’ strikes the balance between philosophical and fun; it was an educational, yet vastly enjoyable, read.