Ouzel McSquark and the Island Adventure


This is the charming story of a pirate bird, Ouzel McSquark, who has to find his own way in the world after he is accidentally left behind on a treasure island. Told through the medium of rhyming couplets and simplistic, but certainly pleasing pictures, Ouzel McSquark is destined to be a children’s favourite.

The short book manages to combine all the elements needed for commercial success. It has a clear moral message that highlights the importance of friendship and shows that kindness is definitely a virtue. Its rhythmic prose is perfect for practicing reading aloud and the use of words of differing complexities will certainly help children in improving their fluency. The book is also more realistic than other similar stories on the market – some of which border on silly – whilst still retaining that imaginative, playful element that children crave. The story itself is both fun and educational, as well as being something that won’t make adults fall asleep when reading it with their kids!

Ouzel McSquark is a loveable pirate parrot that will guide children through the difficulties of reading and navigating friendships. I’m sure that this book will bring both children and parents alike bundles of fun before bedtime!