All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill


I have heard a lot of hype about this book online and, to be brutally honest, I don’t think that “All Our Yesterdays” deserves it. The characters were boring and full of mind-numbing clichés. The central theme of time travel wasn’t explored or explained nearly as much as it should have been, and the dystopian setting was not described in depth. As a reader, I wanted to know more about the time travel and more about the characters. I was disappointed on both counts.

Although I believe that this book would benefit from less fruitless action sequences and less relationship-building scenes (where the plot didn’t develop at all), I cannot deny that “All Our Yesterdays” was interesting enough to read to the end. Despite the flaws in characters, themes and setting, the book was well written: romantic in places, humorous in others. Terrill has the ability to tell a story in such a way that the reader doesn’t even notice that they are reading; a skill to be envious of.

The climax, unfortunately, was disappointing and predictable. All in all, this book was an average read that had the chance to be spectacular. It is sad to say, but “All Our Yesterdays” was not the mind-blowing, addicting read I was promised.

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